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Duma Tower

The City Duma Tower is the most attractive point of Nevsky Prospekt. Dates and business meetings are arranged at its foot. The whole city centre lives according to the time shown by the hands of the tower clock. The tower was erected in the early XIX century according to the project of Italian architect Giacomo Ferrari. For more than two centuries of its history, the tower has changed many functions – it served as an optical telegraph station, a fire station, but it has preserved its historical appearance unchanged. Today it is open for visits and offers everyone to climb the observation deck. Incredible panoramas of Saint Petersburg can be seen from the height of 47 metres.

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to embrace the entire historical centre of the Northern Capital. You will see the magnificent Nevsky Prospekt, river and canal embankments, shopping galleries and grand ducal palaces. Right in front of you there will be grandiose domes of cathedrals and churches, the Admiralty Spire, the glass globe of Dom Knigi (Singer Company Building) and other city dominants. One of the most beautiful cities on the planet deserves to be admired from above!

The views from the observation deck of the City Duma Tower are so breathtaking that you can forget about the time. But the striking clock won't let you do that. Every 15 minutes it tells you that time marches on and is not going to stop. The mechanism of the tower clock, made in the 1880s, has been carefully restored and is now available to the public. The clock retains its legendary movement accuracy. It is wound up weekly by hand by lifting three massive weights and it takes 760 revolutions.

The best time to get a close look at the Duma Tower striking clock is in the morning and evening hours, when the number of strikes is high. At noon there are exactly twelve of them!

We are expecting you daily from 10:00 a.m. to 22:00 p.m.

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We are ready to organise a special event for you at the highest level. A romantic date, a memorable occasion, an exclusive photo shoot – the observation deck of the Duma Tower will be the perfect place for a celebration to take place or for a dream to come true.

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